1. If you steadily build the list of people you follow, your followers will eventually grow too – this is because it’s Twitter etiquette to follow those who follow you.  You can start by following us!
  2. With a 140-character limit, don’t waste space with long web addresses. Use a URL shortener like to create shortened links that you can insert into your tweets.
  3. Using the @ symbol before someone’s Twitter username is how to initiate public “conversations” in Twitter. Example tweet:  @GOgraphicsOnlin did a great job on my new website!
  4. To make it easy for people to find your tweets on a particular subject, add a # to keywords. For example: @GOgraphicsOnlin rule at #Toronto #webdesign
  5. Twitter is known for being casual and irreverent, so loosen your tie a little and try not to be overly sales-like. Have fun and tweet regularly!