1. Responsive Design:
    Site designs that react and adapt to the size of the user’s browser window. Responsive websites have just one design that adjusts and works on different screen widths (mobile devices, tablets & desktop screens). Content shifts to accommodate the screen size, allowing for comfortable browsing on all devices.
  2. Parallax Scrolling:
    The parallax website scrolling effect mimics a camera’s movement and creates the illusion of dimension using layers of elements moving at different times and speeds. Typically, these sites have all the content on one long page, and as you scroll down, the layers move at differing speeds. The parallax effect adds dynamism to what could otherwise be a simple website, and it is especially effective when telling a story to the user.
  3. Big photography:
    Using large, impactful photography as the background image of your website can create a strong impression on site visitors. It is a simple, eloquent way of capturing the user’s attention, while evoking an emotional response. Using high quality, high resolution photography makes your site memorable, and also conveys professionalism.
  4. HTML 5 and jQuery:
    The use of Flash animation within websites will soon be a thing of the past. Historically, Flash had a detrimental effect on a site’s search engine rankings because the text couldn’t be read by web crawlers. Although Adobe eventually overcame this problem, Apple’s decision to not support Flash on their mobile devices meant that if you used Flash, a large, high spending segment of users couldn’t even see your content. Enter HTML5 and jQuery: together they can produce web effects that were once only possible with Flash. These new technologies are supported on pretty much all devices, and are being developed at a rapid pace.
  5. Social Media Sharing and Integration:
    There will be continued use of social media ‘Share’ and ‘Like’ buttons within websites, as well as deeper integration with Facebook through their ‘Facebook Login’ API. For almost all websites, interactive social buttons, and/or feed integration, is an absolute must have.

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