Our range of web designonline marketing and web hosting services mean that the team at GO Graphics Online can take care of your project from conception till well after the website goes live. By choosing GO Graphics Online to take care of all your hosting needs, you can be sure that your website is safe, secure and always accessible in a Dallas, TX, or Toronto, ON, data centre.


We’ll take care of everything for you when you choose to host with us at GO Graphics Online. From setup to maintenance, we guarantee your site’s security on our North American data centre servers. Constructed to the highest possible environmental standards and in accordance with top industry practices, you won’t find anywhere better, especially in Canada, to host your website or a better team to host it for you.


  • Power: The data centres use N+1 UPS systems – for guaranteed power redundancy – with redundant A+B feeds for every device. Twelve utility feeds, encased in concrete, come from the CBD grid. Deisel backup generators, along with high priority deisel refueling, ensure power in all conditions.
  • Environmental System: State of the art N+1 climate control systems. A chilled water cooling system with super efficient chillers, heat exchangers, N+1 chillers, N+1 cooling towers, and N+1 CRAC units control the data centre environment. The primary water source for the data centre is actually an on-site well, with another redundant connection to the city’s water supply for backup.
  • Security: The data centres are both SAS 70 Type II audited facilities featuring enhanced security. Both centres have 24x7x365 on-site staff with multiple layers of security and authetication, including a biometric hand scan required for access to the data centre. Multiple 360 degree cameras with 10x zoom, high speed recorders, and minimum 30 day security tape storage.

If you’re looking for reliable, secure local web hosting service, contact us at GO Graphics Online today.