Want to get your business name out there on Facebook? Here’s ten ultra useful Facebook features or applications that may suit your business – and best of all most of these features are free!

1. Profile Page: All Facebook members get their own profile page when they sign up. You can use this as your promotional tool by upload your logos, product photos and other information about your company, or alternatively keep it for your private use and opt to set up a Facebook Page for your business instead.

2. Facebook Pages: Also known as Fan Pages, these are the most commonly used profile used by businesses, brands, companies, products and celebrities, allowing them to create an approachable public presence online. Unlike Facebook Profiles, Pages are visible to everyone on the internet.  By encouraging visitors to ‘like’ or become fans of your page, you can then share information with them by adding content like pictures, videos, status updates and more that will show up on their news feed.

3. Groups: Facebook Groups allow people to bond together around a common cause or activity, so are great for not-for-profits, clubs and/or niche or special interest businesses. A useful Groups feature is the ability to send messages directly to members’ inboxes, plus if used correctly can be a great way to form a community and help brand image.

4. Facebook Marketplace: Think of this feature as an online community notice board.  It’s meant for posting items for sale, so is a great way to promote products, but you can also advertise services or even search for new staff here.

5. Networks: When you create a company profile, don’t overlook adding relevant information under the Networks sub-heading. Adding important factors like your business’s location and industry can help potential customers find you.

6. Events: Instead of posters and flyers, next time you need to promote an event try the free Facebook Events app. This can work for invite-only events too, or you can adjust your settings to allow people to invite friends and get the word out for you!

7. Notes, Feedburner & Share Partners: The Facebook Notes app allows users to post links, messages, photos and other info with friends, but it can also be used to import your blog postings to your Facebook page too. Another way to promote whenever you publish updates to your company blog or website? By adding the link to your Facebook profile using the Share Partners app, or enjoy instant updates with the Feedburner app. Other great Facebook blog apps?  Integrate Facebook Connect Plugin into your blog. This enables Facebook users to leave comments on your blog without registering, and the comment they make there will also show up on their wall and will be visible to all their Facebook friends.

8. Facebook Polls: Need to do a little market research in a hurry? Businesses can easily find out what their target market are buzzing about by utilizing the poll service on Facebook for realtime feedback.

9. Facebook Beacon: Have an online store? With Beacon action alerts, your customers can choose to let their Facebook friends see what they viewed and bought on your company’s website, giving your brand invaluable promotion to their friend base.

10. Static FBML: Ever visited a Facebook page full of glossy, professionally designed landing pages and wondered how they do it? By adding the static FBML app to your page, you can add things like specials pages or exclusive landing page for new visitors to encourage them to ‘like’ you. These pages can also include links back to your main website or even welcome videos explaining your product or convincing them to become fans. Ask Graphics Online if you’d like to chat about options for professionally designed Facebook pages that keep your branding front and centre by contacting us today.

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